Apr-May 2018-19 Athletes of the Month

BCS Athletics News
Director of Athletics Mr. Jeff Bray announced the April-May Athletes of the Month earlier this week in chapel.
Every month, the Athletics Department recognizes athletes for their outstanding contribution. These athletes,  from both competitive and non-competing teams, are selected based on effort, enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and performance.
We are pleased to announce the Athletes of the Month for April-May 2019:
Non-Competitive Teams

Rodrigo L. R.
Rodrigo has been nominated by his head coach for displaying the highest level of skill he has witnessed from a climber in the past 12 years. He is a responsible and dependable climber and he can always be relied on for important tasks such as belaying. 

Shenzhi "Ethan" C.
Ultimate Frisbee B
Ethan has been praised by his coaches as a player who has developed excellent skills over the past two months. His willingness to learn has been complimented by a consistently good attitude towards his teammates, coaches, and the sport of frisbee.

Competitive Teams

Priscilla A.
Junior Girls Rugby
Priscilla has been described by her coach as a player who is always ready to play with a positive attitude whether it be a practice or a game. She is an excellent team leader who always encourages her teammates and pursues excellence in the sport of rugby.

Sara Sofia P. G.
Junior Girls Rugby
Sara Sofia has been nominated by her coaches for being a player who has always been ready to go while possessing a positive attitude. She has excellent instincts for a rookie player to the sport and actively seeks to better herself through pursuit of the sport outside of the school. As well, she has a fearlessness of tackling the bigger and older players she competes and practices with on the pitch.

Tyrin C.
Senior Girls Rugby
Tyrin has been nominated by her coaches for being the sparkplug of the team since pre-season began. As Captain, her quiet leadership belies her impact on the field and her influence on the team. She can be counted on to do any task and any chore and regularly has to demonstrate drills and skills her coaches dream up. She has not missed a minute of game time–unless pulled off by her coaches for a rest–and they always feel secure when she has the ball in hand. As a dedicated member of the senior girls rugby team, Tyrin is relied upon more than she is aware and has grown into a strongwilled and skillfull rugby player.

Aidan F.
Aidan's coaches have described him as someone who possesses a consistent willingness to improve and make his teammates better around him. He is always one of the first players to practice and the last to stay and help clean things up. During games, he handles pressure well and respects all of those around him. His ability to work and communicate with his teammates has been an integral part to the team’s success in games and improvement during practices.

Aird N.
Senior Boys Rugby
Aird has consistently put his body on the line on the rugby pitch and has been someone who could be counted on to play a full 60 minutes during the jamborees. As well, he has the commendable attribute of always wanting to learn and brought a positive attitude to all practices and games no matter what the situation.

Congratulations to our Athletes of the Month for April-May!

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