Inter-House Cross Country Running Awards 2019

BCS Athletics News
Every year, in the month of October, our students compete in the Inter-House Cross Country Race.
We are pleased to announce the results from this year’s competitions below. Congratulations to all!
Bantam Boys' Shield
1st Ross
2nd South
Presented to Christophe P.

Bantam Boys' Banner
1st South
2nd Ross
Presented to Alistair S. & Adam B.

Bantam Boys' Trophy
1st Adam B. (12:04)
2nd Christophe P. (12:39)
3rd Alistair S. (12:54)

Bantam Girls' Shield
1st Ross
2nd Williams
Presented to Valentina L. E. 

Bantam Girls' Banner
1st Ross
2nd Williams
Presented to Emma A. 

Bantam Girls' Trophy
1st —Emma A. (14:38)
2nd—Pheobe A. (14:39)
3rd—Valentina L. E. (15:03)

Junior Boys' Shield
1st McNaughton
2nd Grier North
3rd Mitchell Family House
Presented to Aruto S.

Junior Boys' Banner
1st McNaughton
2nd Grier North
3rd Grier South
Presented to Gregor J.

The Heneker Cup
1st—Aidan F. (11:09)
2nd—Mathieu C.-R. (11:27)
3rd—Aruto S. (11:32)

Junior Girls' Shield
1st Glass
2nd Gillard
Presented to Elsa O.

Junior Girls' Banner
1st Glass
2nd Gillard
Presented to Sayuri S. 

The Old Girls Cup Junior
1st –Elsa O. (11:33)
2nd–Sayuri S. (11:34)
3rd—Belen S. S. (11:37)

Senior Boys' Shield
1st Smith
2nd Grier North
3rd Mitchell Family House
Presented to Alfonso A. V. 

Senior Boys' Banner
1st Grier North
2nd Smith
3rd Mitchell Family House
Presented to Frédérick L. 

The Boswell Cup
1st—Mehdi B. (22:07)
2nd—Frédérick L. (22:55)
3rd—Simon R. (23:22)

Senior Girls' Shield
1st Gillard
2nd Ross
3rd Glass
Presented to Lia H. 

Senior Girls' Banner
1st Gillard
2nd Glass
3rd Ross
Presented to Elisabeth M.

The Old Girls Cup Senior
1st—Lia H. (23:17)
2nd—Lisa E. (24:31)
3rd—Elisabeth M. (25:56)


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