Finding their sound

Anouk G., Form VI, Diêu Anh "Diana" S., Form VI, Ruowen "Willa" S., Form VII, and Jie "Coco" W., Form VII

Different. That is how I would describe my experience so far in the Senior Band here at BCS.
Never in my life had I been in any band whatsoever and being part of the Senior Band here, I play the marimba (a percussion instrument) as well as bells/chimes. My experience in the Senior Band so far has been wonderful, as I am able to learn new musical skills and do music at the same time. Furthermore, the Senior Band practices are always a lot of fun as everyone in the room enjoys playing music and learning new songs.

In regard to the Band & Choir Holiday Concert that occurred last Saturday, I absolutely loved the energy that was on stage. Even though the whole Senior Band was focussed on their instruments and playing the right notes, we were all playing to the best of our ability with passion and joy. The songs that the Senior Band played where “Celtic Air & Dance,” “Pachelbel’s Canon,” “The Great Locomotive of Chase,” and “Bad Guy.” Having played in the Holiday Concert, I am excited for the upcoming Spring Concert that the Senior Band will have in March, as I will not only play more songs but also have fun overall!

—Anouk G., Form VI

As someone who appreciates and loves music, being in the Choir allows me to experience all of the joys of music after a full day of academics. The sound of singing voices bounces off the chapel’s walls and the subtle harmony between the choir echoes while the piano accompanies in the background. Within that one hour, I’m able to take my mind off of work and focus solely on the people and the music.
Every Thursday at 6:00 PM, we practise various songs with Mme Simard taking charge of what we are doing. Usually, we go through songs that we sing in morning assembly; however, for the past month, we had been rehearsing for the Band & Choir Holiday Concert that was last Saturday. Throughout those few weeks, we worked on songs such as: “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey—which I had the honour to duet with Coco Wang,"Swing Into Christmas (Medley)”, “Various Themes On Fa-La-La,” and “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”. The songs were challenging at first since many of them had high and fast notes however, towards the end, we were able to manage and perform in front of the entire school at Bishop’s University’s Centennial Theatre. It was definitely nerve-racking at times, but it was an amazing experience and memory to have once it was all done. Everyone did amazing, from the Senior and Stage band to the Choir, and we all contributed greatly to the Holiday Concert with an evening full of music and excitement.
Overall, I enjoy being in the choir and continue to stay because of the sense of community, light-hearted atmosphere, and for the music that we sing.

—Diêu Anh "Diana" S., Form VI

December at BCS is always busy; Christmas exams are chasing behind us and we are running out of time. However, everyone loves December, especially at BCS. Why? Because we have our awesome band members! Every year, the BCS Senior Band and Stage Band members practise several music pieces during their music classes for the Band & Choir Holiday Concert that takes place at Bishop’s University. After three months, when we are ready to perform, we will provide the best performance for everyone. This is my fourth year of participating in the BCS Senior Band, and it is an honour to perform with my colleagues. We practise hard every day and help new students who just joined the Senior Band. We are friends but we are also family. I have learned a lot during the time I spend with the band. We take our job seriously and we are full of responsibilities. This year, both Senior Band and Stage Band did a wonderful job during the concert. I am proud of each one of us, and I am proud of myself! One band, one sound!

—Ruowen "Willa" S., Form VII

Choir has always been a tradition at BCS and an activity for students to show off their talents. The choir was facing challenges at the beginning of this year, as almost everyone who joined was new and it was their first time ever performing. Some of our members had a hard time finding their voices and keys, some are extremely shy about singing in front of a crowd, and we faced so many other obstacles on our way to uniting our choir. Therefore, the choir director, Mme Simard and band director, Mr. O, as well as Maeve and I, as heads of the Choir, were working extra hard to prepare a wonderful holiday performance for BCS.
Happily, we managed to pull through all the dilemmas and successfully performed for our annual Band & Choir Holiday Concert! I am very proud to say that progress was made every practice and we are digging up some deep talents out of our members. However, our choir season is not yet over; we will be back again with an even better performance at the upcoming A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, as well as at our Band & Choir Concert in the spring.

—Jie "Coco" W., Form VII

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.