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Slam dunk

Anne-Catherine P. Form IV, Minghao ‘Gavin’ Z., Form III, and Priscilla A., Form V

The Junior Girls Basketball team at BCS isn’t a usual basketball team that you will find easily. 
We aren’t the team that simply is there to win, but also improve our skills and create new
friendships. As a player myself, I can tell you how much we have had fun and improved
throughout the season!

At the beginning of the season, we were not playing basketball as one unified team. We were
simply 12 individual girls who loved basketball. Now, we are a team, after growing together and
bonding through it. We play like a team. We have improved in every way since the beginning of
the year. For many of the girls on our team, it was their first year playing basketball. Someone
who watched one of our first games might not even recognize us now. We all work so hard and that work pays off.

We have won three games so far, and that may not seem like many wins, but for us it isn’t just winning that matters. It is also how we play and work together. How we use what we have learned on and off the court and having a good attitude throughout the wins and losses.
I have been playing basketball for three years and I have never been part of a team like us before. A team that keeps the good attitude and doesn’t give up. From joining basketball, I have met new people from different backgrounds and have made new friends. I am sure that everyone, including myself, will be very sad when this season comes to an end. I hope we have a great team, just like this year, next year.
—Anne-Catherine P., Form IV
We don't have Nate Robinson's high bounce or Michael Jordan's arm span. We don’t have the speed that Wade has on the court, and we don’t have Yao’s height or Shaq’s strength. There is no absolute talent on the court, but we love basketball and that is our greatest strength!

Basketball is my favourite sport. I have been playing basketball for three years now so I signed up for the basketball crease this winter. I met a lot of friends on the team, learned a lot about basketball, improved my skills, and played a lot of exciting games. In the last month, we've played nine games and won four, and we've been neck-and-neck in every game. Last week, we played against another strong team and unfortunately, we lost by 20 points. Our coach told us: “What doesn't kill you on the court only makes you stronger.” We are a positive team and we never give up.
—Minghao ‘Gavin’ Z., Form III
The senior girls’ development group has honestly been a really cool experience. At first, I was disappointed with the thought that we weren’t enough girls to form an actual team and play games since I’m all about that competition. I had no idea how much I would enjoy the development group. The special thing about this crease is that it’s mixed, so I get to play with guys and honestly the guys hype everything up so much more. They have a seemingly never-ending amount of energy that encourages me to try harder and match it. Without games we’ve had much more time to work on technical skills that will help me next year when there is an actual team. I’ve learned to really enjoy crease and instead of counting the minutes until I get to go home, I am disappointed when the hour is up. This past weekend, we had the opportunity to play in the BCS Basketball Invitational Tournament and I was so excited. I played my hardest and even though we didn’t win we gave it our best and had a lot of fun.
—Priscilla A., Form V

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.