Naydeline ‘Yasmin’ T. L., Form V
Carnival was not an easy event to organize. 
You had to dedicate your time, fulfill your responsibilities, contribute ideas, adapt all activities so that most of the school can enjoy them, show your leadership, and most importantly have fun. We could not have done it without the help of Mr. Wong, who guided us by explaining Carnival, giving ideas about previous years, and helping us in every way possible so that the event was enjoyable.

One of the first steps we had to do was to raise funds for the materials we needed. After that, we had to make a very important decision: what was Carnival going to be about? This part was somewhat complicated since choosing a topic is not as easy as it seems. The two themes that stood out most in a meeting we had were Harry Potter or musicals. The two ideas pleased us since you can take advantage of it. By voting, Harry Potter won. We had a full week to make a mini presentation of our theme that was later presented in chapel. One of the final steps was to prepare the three days of Carnival. The first day we organized a Superbowl watch party. We also had bouncy castles and a mechanical bull in the gym, and a bonfire in the Quad. All these activities were decided by the Carnival Committee and we were the ones in charge of supervising the activities with the help of many teachers and monitors.
For the second day of Carnival, each of the eight members of the Carnival Committee had to design a station through which the houses would pass to win. That day we had to wake up earlier than usual to organize the activities. After ‘The Great Race’, we had lunch in the dining hall but the food was not the usual food since we, along with the wonderful people who work in the kitchen, chose a menu that was appropriate for most of the school, using the Harry Potter theme. In the afternoon we had many activities. The houses competed in three major sports: snow soccer, quidditch (which is a very important Harry Potter game), and broomball. In the evening we had our lip-synching competition, and a dance party to end the day.
I would recommend being part of the Carnival Committee since Form V is the only year in which you are allowed to organize it. You have moments of laughter, many friendships, moments when you want to quit, responsibility, and teamwork. In the end everything had a reward. 

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.