Our first Scholar-in-Residence!

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We're breaking new ground in the realm of experiential education in Canada with the creation of our Scholar-in-Residence program.

This endowed program, made possible by the generous support of the Eric T. Webster Foundation, Cynthia Baxter, KHC'52 and family, and the R. Howard Webster Foundation, will fuel a spirit of innovation, an outside-the-box perspective, and a mindset focussed on the advancement of knowledge, teaching, and learning at BCS for students and faculty alike.
It is our pleasure to announce Liane Nowell, Executive Director of the Kenauk Institute, as our first Scholar-in-Residence. Liane comes to BCS with a wealth of knowledge related to the fields of marine ecology, fish husbandry, and sustainable living and conservation. 
Our Scholar-in-Residence program aims to encourage exploration and deeper understanding through contact with experts, scholars, and thought-agents of all kinds. These visiting scholars, who will take up residence on our campus for an extended period, will provide our students, faculty, and the entire BCS community the opportunity to be exposed to, learn from, and live side-by-side with masters of innovation, creation, and scientific discovery. 

We were fortunate enough to be introduced to The Kenauk Institute through Doug Harpur, BCS'67, who is the Chair of its Board of Directors. Over the past three years, BCS has been working extensively with Liane and the Institute on a variety of projects. Liane oversees the Junior Internship Program, which annually aims to offer two of our female students the opportunity to gain first-hand research experience in ecology and other fields of biology. The junior interns spend ten days in the field working under the tutelage of Liane and other female undergraduate and masters level students, and gaining a better appreciation and understanding of true scientific research.

Our Form II students also travel to Kenauk once a year for a nature camp in the early fall coordinated by Liane. During the camp, our students have the chance to experience nature, some for the first time, and bond with one another and their teachers, as well as to gain a better understanding of some of the basics of ecology in Quebec.

We are honoured that Liane will be joining us on campus in April of this year to work alongside both our students and faculty and staff, and to inaugurate this cutting-edge program. With her background as an educator, Liane will be helping to develop our ecology curricula and to give our instructors inspiration for designing inquiry-based, hands-on, and field-based educational programs.
Liane will be working closely with our Science Department but will also be offering workshops to faculty and staff on sustainability and responsible food choices. She will be the first resident of the fully-furnished Scholar-in-Residence apartment and will have full use of the adjoining multi-purpose work and display areas in the lower level of Mitchell Family House.

We look forward to welcoming Liane to Moulton Hill! 

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