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Tech Week

Gabriel "Gabe" M. P., Form VI & Leonardo L. O., Form IV
This March, we held BCS’ first-ever Tech Week.
We had alumni speak about STEAM-related careers, a Repair Café where students could bring in their broken tech to try and fix it, and student-led workshops such as the animation workshop led by Justine and Izzy.

Throughout Tech Week, many students collaborated to further their learning, as well as to help each other. This was especially apparent during the Repair Café when students would jump in to help others that were stuck, as well as volunteering to fix devices for students who didn’t have the experience required to do it themselves.

It was nice to see how interested in learning about technology most students were. Many students signed up for workshops during their free time, such as lunch or after school to participate. While activities such as the Repair Café were lively with discussion about the best ways to fix things, others like the animation workshop were quiet, with students listening intently.

Overall, I think that our first Tech Week was a major success. We were slightly worried about how many students would be interested while we were organizing it, but we were pleasantly surprised. In future years, I think that we should include two programming workshops: one for beginners focussing on higher-level languages such as Python, Ruby, or Pearl, and another one geared towards more experienced students focussing on lower-level languages such as C, Java, and even Assembly."

—Gabriel "Gabe" M. P., Form VI

"Coming in as a new student I didn't know what to expect if I'm being honest I had a few doubts myself, it was all left clear when I arrived at the first workshop, this was the Repair Café. The Repair Café was a workshop where you would come in and try to repair either something that was broken or something somebody had broken. This was a fun activity since I learned how to sew, which was something that had always been an interest to me. I also saw some people repairing cameras, toasters, and other commonly used machines.

Next, I attended the Digital Photography Workshop. This workshop taught you how to improve your photography skills, and me being a photography enthusiast loved it because I got to understand better what everything was for and got to play around with some friends by taking pictures of them.

Finally, I'd like to say that Tech Week was a fun activity that the school organized. It helped people like me try out and do things we haven't done before or hobbies and things we like."

—Leonardo L. O., Form IV

For more photos from Tech Week check out our Flickr page accessible from the BCS Portal! 

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