BCS Chess Tournament Ranking

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We hosted our first BCS Chess Tournament of the year this past Sunday. The Chess Club organized by Student Activities Co-Coordinator, Joe Wong, has been growing in popularity this year and the tournament was the perfect opportunity for our students to showcase their skills and engage in competition. "There were some surprises and upsets as the players fought hard in a four-round Swiss-System format, explained Joe. "We hope to host more tournaments in the future as our club grows in popularity and skill."

Please find the rankings from the event below:

1. Mikhail P., Form VI
2. Gregor J., Form V
3. Émile C., Form IV
4. Minh N., Form V
5. William N., Form VI
6. Frédérick L., Form VII
7. Marek Z., Form V
8. Nathan S., Form II
9. Luis C., Form IV
10. AJ S., Form V
11. Martin D., Form VI
12. Caleb A., Form V
13. Jackson C., Form V
14. Elliott G., Form IV
15. Sacha T., Form VI
16. Sheldon A., Form III

A big thank you to Joe and Student Life Assistants, Hisham and Muzaffar, for their help in putting the event together.

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