2020-21 Spring Crease Athletic Awards

BCS Athletics News
Our teams gathered in chapel for our Spring Crease Athletic Awards at the end of June.
Please see the list of award recipients below:
Coaches: Catherine Lanoue & Ian Verheyden
The MIP Award (Male)
Léo G.
The MIP Award (Female)
Elena-Rose P.
The MVP Award (Male)
Vincent H.
The MVP Award (Female)
Maaya I.
Ultimate Frisbee 
Coaches: Patrick Robidas, Bea Crowther, Tanna Sanchez-McMillan
The MIP Award
Aurélie M.-H. & Yuchen (Leo) D.

The MVP Award
Alex A.
Coaches: Jeff Bray & Martin Madsen

The MIP Award
Maria K. & Lachlan B.-B.
The Marc G. Bruneau Award (MVP)
Leonard S.
Coaches: Miranda McGie
The MIP Award
Chuqing (Ashley) Z.

The Coaches' Award
Lily M.
Coaches: Beorn White & Guillaume Courchesne
The MIP Award
Shanti C.

The Best Climber Award
Anthony H.
Fitness (Cross Country Running)
Coaches: Dan Pfliger, Kieran McCormick
The Coaches Award
Mathilde B.
The Spirit Award
Christophe P.

Fitness (Badminton)
Coaches: Regine Mesnil, Max Crowther, Joe Wong
The Coaches Award
Naydeline Yasmin T. L.

Fitness (Hiking)
Coaches: Lindsay Key, Melissa Rowe, Alyssa Bray
The Coaches Award
Siqi D.
The Spirit Award
Yijie (Kevin) F.

Fitness (Wiffleball)
Coaches: Andrew St-Amant, Mark Morimoto
The Coaches Award
Isabella S.
The Spirit Award
Megan S.
Yoga/Cardio/Circuit Training
Coaches: Amber Rommens, Marianne Laramée, Cloe Jones
The MIP Award
Johanna S.
The Coaches’ Award
Aruto S.
Girls Rugby
Coaches: Sue Magwood, Krysten Lamb
The MIP Award
Flora d. S. M.
The Coaches' Award
Sara Sofia P. G.
Boys Rugby
Coaches: Josh Bray
The MIP Award
Félix G. A. V.
The Josh Bray Spirit of Rugby Award
Awarded to the Senior Player(s) who has/have shown exemplary service to their team through passion for the sport and innately fostering the character traits of self-discipline, resilience, and respectfulness to others whether winning or losing.
Ronan R.

U16/Prep Hockey
Coaches: Kyle Hood, Marco Pietroniro, Geoffrey Fizet
The MIP Award
Samuel L.
The Coaches' Award
Elliott G.

The J. Graham Patriquin Award (MVP)
Remi D. & Gregor J.

U18/Varsity Hockey
Coaches: Marco Pietroniro, Kyle Hood, Geoffrey Fizet
The MIP Award
Max A. & Gavin L.
The Gerald Wiggett Award (MVP)
Simon R.

The Coaches' Award
Émile B.

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