2021-22 Fall Crease Athletic Awards Assembly

BCS Athletic News
With the recent end of fall crease, the teams gathered at the Athletics Awards Assembly in chapel.

Please see the list of award recipients and colour winners below:
Colours are considered and awarded according to the following criteria:
a) A player’s contribution/ability during practice and games;
b) Attitude both on and off the field;
c) Sportsmanship and willingness to help others;
d) Positive influence on others with regards to their team, sports and school;
e) Practises the above whether winning or losing.

Cross-Country Running
Coaches: Max Crowther, Kieran McCormick, and Cloe Jones
Captain: Oliver D.

Colours: Livia B., Oliver D., Jean-Sébastien D., Aruto S., Hannah S., and Lila Z.

The Cross Country Running Trophy (MVP)
Awarded by the coach, this award is given to the athlete who has made the greatest overall contribution to the program.
Oliver D.

Randy Jackson Cup
Awarded to the cross country runner whose love of the sport exceeds into their daily lives and beyond.
Livia B.

Coaches: Regine Mesnil, Lynn Harding, and Scott Manning

The Coaches’ Award
For his punctuality and positive energy.
Zhengkai (Peter) L.

The Spirit Award
Ethan (Jackson) C. and Tessa L.

Adventure Training
Coaches: Barb Rowell, Marita Vanier-Hartley, and Chris Brandon

The Adventure Training Award
As chosen by members of the Adventure Training crease, awarded to the student who “rose to the challenge and grew most through it.”
Jorge S.A.

Ultimate Frisbee
Coaches: Patrick Robidas and Alexis Roy
Captain: Yuchen (Leo) D.

The MIP Award
Collin G.

The Coaches’ Award
Yuchen (Leo) D.

Junior Boys' Soccer
Coaches: Martin Madsen and Jeff Bray
Captains: Christian L.C. and Khemmarin (Khemmy) F.

Colours: Sheldon A., Edward (Eddy) C., Khemmarin (Khemmy) F., Diego G.C., Juan Pablo T.J., Jeronimo (Jero) D.L., Tomas M., Rodrigo S.S., Kamil L., Christian L.C, and Rodrigo (Rodry) M.B.

The MIP Award
Edward (Eddy) C.

The MVP Award
Christian L.C. and Khemmarin (Khemmy) F.

Junior Girls' Soccer
Coaches: Sue Magwood and Jitka Kasna
Captains: Phoebe A., Abigail (Abby) A., Emma A., and Janie G.

Colours: Phoebe A., Abigail (Abby) A., Emma A., Geraldine (Gery) B.C., Janie G., and Sara Sofia P.G.

The MIP Award
Valentina C.L.

The MVP Award
Natalia G.S. and Emma A.

Senior Boys' Soccer
Coach: Kirby Nadeau
Captain: Félix Gabriel (Gabe) A.V.

Colours: Félix Gabriel (Gabe) A.V., Axel B-J., Patricio C.S, Saroni M., Lorenzo P.G.R., and Logan G.

The MIP Award
Daniel T.

The Stearns Cup (MVP)
Awarded annually by the coach to the player who has made the greatest contribution to Boys’ First Team Soccer.
Félix Gabriel (Gabe) A.V. and Saroni M.

Senior Girls' Soccer
Coach: Sarrah Ewing
Captains: Priscilla A. and Ximena L.

Colours: Priscilla A., Daniela B.V., Oliva D., Ana Paula G.P., Ximena L., Béata (Béa) J., and Paula G.I. 

The Fulford Cup (MIP)
Presented by the coach to the most improved player of the Senior Girls Soccer Team.
Béata (Béa) J.

The Stuart Bateman Award (MVP)
Awarded annually by the coach to the player who has made the greatest contribution to Girls’ First Soccer Team.
Oliva D.

Horseback Riding
Coach: Marguerite Levesque

The Coaches’ Award
For their positive energy and contribution to team spirit.
Mylea A. and Barbara (Basia) S.

Flag Football
Coaches: Christian Daigle, Joe Wong, and Ian Verheyden

The Coaches’ Award
Flora d.S.M and Emma H.

The MIP Award
Sayuri S. and Shanti C.

The Spirit Award
Anne-Catherine P.

Coaches: Amber Rommens and Marianne Laramee

The MIP Award
Jette B.

The Coaches’ Award
Aleksandra S.

Rock Climbing
Coaches: Beorn White & Draco Szathmary

The MIP Award
Georgia B.

The Best Climber Award
Nael F.

16U/Prep Hockey
Coaches: Kyle Hood, Jonathan Lachance, Geoffrey Fizet, and Olivier Fizet

Colours: Tadeas B., Hayden C., Mathieu F., Elliott G., Anthony H., Tommaso M., Dylan T., Joona T., Marek Z., Émile C., Tristan P., Wyatt S., and Tomáš S.

Varsity Hockey
Coaches: Marco Pietroniro, Jonathan Lachance, Geoffrey Fizet, and Olivier Fizet

Colours: Max A., Anton H., Gregor J., Gavin L., Joel P., Simon R.

Congratulations to our athletes and our coaches on a fantastic fall season!

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