Crack the ode

April 7, 2021 | We sat down with our Librarian, Mr. Crowther today to discuss his upcoming projects for National Poetry Month.

Mr. Crowther came up with the "Poets I Love" project to promote the significance of poetry within our community. To participate in the project, you can send him an email with the name of your favourite poet or songwriter, why you like them, and your favourite piece from this poet. Throughout the month of April, Mr. Crowther will be putting together posters from all the submissions and hanging them around the library for everyone to enjoy.

Coming up, Mr. Crowther plans on hosting creative writing workshops for interested students. "I try to sneak in creative writing as much as I can with students to get them excited about writing for the sake of writing," he explains. "Often it makes people nervous, but when you get into the basics of what we're hearing every day, we don't realize that there is figurative language in everyday speech and popular song lyrics."

A dream of his is to be able to fill up his book cart with poetry books and wander the halls reading short bursts of poetry to students in different classrooms in a project he would call "Random Poetry Happening." As the month continues, we encourage everyone to participate in at least one activity to celebrate the importance of poetry in our lives.

You can follow Mr. Crowther on Twitter and Instagram to hear more about everyday events and updates from the Peter G. Holt Memorial Library. Keep an eye out on our stories throughout the month for poems from our alumni and current students who submitted their works to our award-winning and student-run annual poetry magazine, Inscape.

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