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Established in 1836, BCS is the meeting place of tradition and innovation. Here, young people benefit from many opportunities for personal growth, grounded by timeless values and habits of character, as they prepare to thrive in university and in life.  Smart, caring and attentive, we live together in a safe, trusting community on Canada’s most beautiful four season boarding school campus.

BCS is proud to be home for students from around the world – Canada, USA, Mexico, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Colombia, Germany, People’s Republic of China, Saudi Arabia and 16 other countries. Our international community offers students a wider view of the world and a deeply personal experience of the diversity of global cultures. Differences between students are celebrated here.

Because almost eighty percent of our students are boarders, the support systems for our international students are second to none.  Houseparents and their assistants, prefects, teachers, coaches, roommates and classmates – everyone plays a role in ensuring that each student’s experience is welcoming and supportive.  Our closely knit community ensures that no student is left behind.




BCS Grads Attend Leading Universities Around the World

International students are attracted to BCS because of our diversity and safe, nurturing community, but also because of the preparation they recieve to succeed in leading universities around the world.

Enthusiastic, supportive teachers work closely with students in small classes to develop a love of learning and academic confidence. An enrichment centre supports students as they adjust to life away from home. ESL training is available either during the school year or through our summer language camps.  

Our success in university placement is excellent, with our graduates attending the best universities in the world.

Studying in Quebec

Quebec is one of Canada’s largest provinces and is a society that places great importance on freedom of expression, equal rights, and respect for diversity.  In order to study in Quebec, students require a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ). BCS will ensure that this certificate is issued on your behalf so that you may then begin the process of obtaining your study permit. Please consult the following website for more information on studying in Canada:            

Defining Canada

Every country has its own traditions, culture, expressions and food!  As you consider the opportunities available to you in Canada, BCS would like to introduce you to just a few concepts that are truly Canadian, and some that are unique to Quebec:

Maple leaf – The maple leaf is the most widely recognized national symbol of Canada. It is the leaf in the middle of our flag.
Maple leaf – The maple leaf is the most widely recognized national symbol of Canada. It is the leaf in the middle of our flag.

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