Students choose boarding at BCS because they want to be challenged academically, athletically, creatively, and personally in our unique bilingual and multicultural environment.
If you ask anyone on Moulton Hill to condense the BCS experience into a single word, you will invariably hear one resounding answer: family. Parents take comfort in the complete care provided to their children by a faculty that participates fully in school life. Teachers and Houseparents provide personal and academic support, daily structure, and ensure a vibrant experience where our students’ life skills blossom within a safe, positive, and nurturing community.

As a student at BCS, you will live, learn, work, and play alongside internationally-minded peers from nearby Canadian towns and faraway continents. Students from over 40 different countries add tremendous richness to the boarding experience, and each house is a well-balanced reflection of our diverse school community. The resulting friendships often lead to students hosting each other at their respective homes and to lifelong friendships.
International students make up nearly 40 percent of our student body, and this cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

Life outside the classroom

Opportunities for involvement are abundant at BCS with our ever-growing list of co-curricular activities. No matter your passion, there's a like-minded group of students eager to connect with you and expand your horizons!

  • Band
  • Beach volleyball
  • Bigs and Littles
  • Choir
  • Coffee House
  • Comic Con
  • Dining Hall Committee
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Environmental Club
  • Grad Committee
  • Inscape literary magazine
  • Model UN
  • Mini Soccer World Cup
  • News Club
  • Players' Club
  • Pride Alliance
  • Recreational hockey
  • Robotics
  • Round Square Committee
  • Student Life Committee
  • Talent Shows
  • Three-on-three basketball
  • Winter Carnival
  • Yearbook

Beyond the weekday schedule, our Activities Team works tirelessly to organize special events that bring our student community together. From dances and socials to summer barbecues and winter campfires, there are always memories to be made! Special trips on weekends and breaks offer additional opportunities to travel off campus and explore the Eastern Townships, Quebec, and beyond.

Contact Us

François Tessier
Associate Head of School for Student Life
819-566-0238 x295

Mary MacLachlan
Kathryne Owen
Randy Maxfield
Jeff Bray
Ken Raban
Andrew Hopkins
Scott Kelso
Sue Magwood
Gilles Nichols
Megan Lindsey
Grier North
Grier South
Mitchell Family House

Ross Boys
Ross Girls

Meet our mentors

Every month, we sit down with one of the many mentors who impact the daily lives of students at BCS. From school administrators to custodial staff, each member of our community plays a role in developing the supportive community for which BCS is known. Get to know them in this video series!

Meals and Nutrition

During the week, breakfast, lunch, and supper are served in the Ross Hall Dining Room. Each student makes their own selection from three or four options of healthy meals that are being served. There is always a vegetarian option, a selection of salads and vegetables, a panini bar, and two soup options. Students can also visit Doolittle's canteen for sandwiches and other snacks during the day.

On weekends, Ross Hall is open for brunch and dinner. Breakfast on weekends can be taken in residence as all houses offer items such as cereals, bread, bagels, milk, etc. On weekends, houses at BCS will often organize a barbeque, a trip to a restaurant, or order pizzas for added variety.

Health and well-being

Medical Services

A registered nurse lives on campus and is available 24/7 while school is in session. The nurse can be found in the infirmary every day from 8:00 AM-4:30 PM. No appointment is needed to see the nurse and they are available after hours for emergencies. A doctor is on call for scheduled appointments.
Ms. Andrée Brodeur
Head Nurse


A physiotherapist is available during the week and at major events including home athletic games and our Alumni & Friends Hockey Tournament. One of our physiotherapists always travels with our elite hockey teams and, in the spring season, with our rugby teams.

See our concussion protocol here. 
Mrs. Katelyn MacDonald

Ms. Evelyne Lapierre-Leonard
Athletic Therapist

School Counsellor

The school counsellor is available Monday through Friday from 8:50 AM-4:30 PM for confidential individual meetings. Appointments can be made in-person or by email. If preferred, referrals to other professionals can also be arranged. The counsellor is available after hours for emergencies.
Ms. Marie-Noëlle Gattuso
School Counsellor

BCS Safety App

From assistance on your walk home to updates about the safety level on campus to houseparent contacts, the BCS Safety App has a lot to offer. All students are encouraged to download the app, which is also available to parents. Sign into the BCS Portal and learn more about the app in a short video posted on the Resource Board.

Bullying Policy

BCS has a zero-tolerance policy regarding bullying, which includes cyberbullying.

See our Bill 56 Bullying and Violence Prevention Policy here

The School Uniform

The Number One Uniform is worn every Monday and at any time when representing the school or on special occasions. The Number Two Uniform is worn Tuesday to Friday unless otherwise indicated.

Number One Uniform

(Mondays, and other special occasions)
  • Navy crested BCS blazer
  • White button down oxford shirt and BCS tie
  • Black Watch tartan kilt with black shorties
  • Grey flannel trousers with a black belt
  • Black tights/navy blue knee socks or black dress socks 
  • Black Doc Martens

Number Two Uniform

  • Navy tunic with sash with black shorties
  • Beige skirt or grey ‘skort’ with black shorties
  • Beige dress pants with belt         
  • Grey pants with black belt
  • White or blue button down oxford shirt 
  • Crested BCS sweater
  • BCS tie                                           
  • Black tights or navy blue knee socks
  • Black dress socks
  • Black Doc Martens

A crested navy blue polo shirt may be worn as part of ‘summer dress’ (from September to the November Break, and again from after March Break until June). No vest or sweater is to be worn over the polo shirt. In the winter, students may wear a crested BCS sweater under their crested BCS blazer as part of their uniform.

Kilts must be worn no shorter than two inches above the top of the knee. All students are expected to be neat and well-groomed at all times, whether at school or off campus representing BCS. Jewellery and hairstyles should be modest. Boys are required to be clean-shaven. Nose piercings, tongue piercings, and other facial piercings are not allowed while in school uniform. Tattoos or body modifications should not be visible.

The BCS Supply Shop is the go-to place for uniform fittings, Bears athletic gear, school supplies, toiletries, and souvenirs.
The Supply Shop is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM-3:30 PM.

BCS Supply Shop

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.