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Students posing in front of pride flag

Opportunities for involvement are abundant at BCS with our ever-growing list of co-curricular activities. No matter your passion, there's a like-minded group of students eager to connect with you and expand your horizons!

Whether you are looking to hone a skill or interested in trying something new, our wide range of co-curricular activities will give you the opportunity to get involved, make friends, and have new experiences. What's even more exciting is that many of these clubs were founded by our students themselves, who identified an activity they felt was missing or discovered a new passion and wanted to share it with others. We're always open to new ideas and encourage our students to come forward with their concepts.

Scroll down to see this year's offerings and click on the titles to read more!

I have met some of my closest friends through robotics, choir, the dining hall, yearbook, and grad committees—and the list goes on!

Mélissa Jodoin, BCS'19

Athletics are an integral part of daily life at BCS, with students participating in either team or individual sports at least five days a week.