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Student Leadership

Prefects in uniform and prefect ties on Centre Stairs

BCS has a strong culture of student leadership. We are committed to helping students become well-rounded individuals who feel empowered to assume leadership roles.

Each year, BCS offers a variety of opportunities so that every student can experience leadership during their time here.  BCS inspires students to step out of their comfort zones and become leaders, striving for the common good. Leadership cannot be limited to the classroom; it is a skillset that students will develop throughout their time at BCS.  Through experiential learning opportunities, leadership development is infused in our coursework, coaching, extra-curricular activities, and community service work. Students can become prefects, Student Ambassadors, and House Captains. They can also mentor younger students through our Bigs and Littles program, travel around the world to leadership conferences through our Round Square Program, and they can engage in community service work locally and internationally. Students will have countless opportunities to challenge themselves, and they will be supported and encouraged by their peers every step of the way to reach their potential and make a difference in the community.

The most precious thing BCS taught me is the value of service. 
My time at BCS has inspired me to get involved in the local community wherever I go.

Rongqi "Ritchie" Li, BCS'20

I was on Carnival Committee and I love how you work together with the people in your house. You feel that bond; you cheer and you teach the younger students how to cheer and get involved. It really feels like family.

Renan Bolkan, BCS'18