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Students chanting during Carnival
Show your house spirit during Carnival

Ask any student what house they belong to and you will witness an immediate spark of fierce pride and deep-rooted house loyalty. Nothing inspires lifelong friendships and bonds people like sharing a house.

Our houses play a large role in the programming for our seven-day boarding experience. Each house is supervised by full-time houseparents—adult staff members who live in the house and whose primary responsibility at BCS is to ensure a safe, inclusive, and fun environment. Houseparents become cherished mentors whose impact lasts long after graduation.

Students are paired with a roommate which allows students to have their own quiet space and privacy on campus and feel at home. Each house features a common space where students can gather to watch movies, a full kitchen available for the students to use, and a Tuck Shop, where students can buy some of their favourite snacks. BCS provides laundry service for all students and our Housekeeping staff cleans the common spaces in the residence throughout the week.

With safety and supervision in mind to foster a supportive environment, houses are closed during the school day to ensure that there is always an adult present to supervise. In addition, BCS has a full-time security team, key cards to allow access only to the students living in the residence, and there is an administrator and nurse available on duty at all times. Houseparents check-in students for Prep time and make sure the students adhere to lights-out time. As the houseparents are in contact with each student daily, they are one of the main contact points for families should any questions arise.

Throughout the year, our residence teams bring the house together by organizing birthday celebrations, brunches, barbecues, creative workshops, video game tournaments, pick-up street hockey and basketball games, cook-offs, and so much more! Special events are also organized throughout the year to inspire house pride as students don their house colours in friendly competition including Carnival and our Inter-House Track and Field event.

The lifelong friendships built at BCS are at the core of every student’s experience and our welcoming houses make it all possible. From inter-house competitions such as Carnival to house BBQs and outings, housemates support one another through thick and thin, growing and learning from each other along the way.

The house is a place where we bond into a multicultural family, led by houseparents who are great role models. Movie nights and birthdays, house activities and inter-house competitions, Mexican candy and Korean noodles; all of these things make BCS a comfortable, exciting, and fun place to call home.

Dr. Christian Heyerhoff, BCS'06

Smith House Renovation & Expansion

Smith House is under construction! Stay up-to-date with the latest developments throughout this exciting project.