Welcome to Gillard

Relaxed and fun-loving, we are home to girls of all ages and backgrounds.

We're lively and dynamic, cohesive and supportive. Gillard is the only Boarding House that welcomes all forms (II-VII). This means the younger students benefit from support and guidance from the older students, and the older students have opportunities to build their leadership skills as mentors and role models." - Houseparent Megan Lindsey

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  • Mrs. Mary MacLachlan 

    ESL Teacher/Gillard Houseparent
    +1 819-340-3980

The first girls' residence

Gillard was built in 1971 to accommodate the incoming girls from King’s Hall, Compton (KHC). BCS had always been an all-boys school up until 1972 when the two schools decided to merge. This house is named after Dr. A. E. Gillard. She was Headmistress at KHC from 1930 to 1968. She received an honourary doctorate from Bishop’s University in 1961 for her outstanding leadership in the academic world and for her great contributions as head of KHC.

What we like to do

We love having House brunches and dinners. We celebrate birthdays, host BBQs, welcome other students during Open House parties, and participate in craft and DIY workshops.

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