Welcome to Grier North

A supportive and inclusive family atmosphere.

"We like the boys to feel at home and we look for opportunities to find common interests, bringing them together with things like house traditions and celebrations. We have snacks, house clothing, decorations for special occasions and we celebrate successes together. We encourage the boys to be positive role models and to take charge of planning house activities to develop responsibility and leadership skills."

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  • Photo of Randy Maxfield

    Randy Maxfield 

    Houseparent - Grier North House
  • Photo of Patrick Robidas

    Patrick Robidas 

    French Teacher; Assistant Houseparent - Grier North House


Grier House is named after C. G. M. Grier who was BCS Headmaster from 1931-50. He was the Colonel and Commanding Officer of the Royal Canadian Army in 1943. That same year, he was the inspecting officer at the Annual Review. He was responsible for bringing back the Cadet Blues – the formal dress at the cadet inspection. Grier House was divided into North and South Grier in 1976.

What we like to do

We like hanging out together – we have wings on Friday nights, sushi nights, BBQs and we bake cookies. You'll find us playing chess and retro GameCube games like Starfox and Mario Brothers. We always celebrate birthdays with cake.

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