Welcome to Grier South

The comforts of home, plus support and friendship.

"The whole idea is to create a safe and warm environment. When you come home at the end of the day, you have the support of your Houseparent and your friends. As busy and hectic as it can be, it's always nice to walk into the residence to chat with the boys and see how their day went; 'how is your sore foot - did you go to the nurse?' We're a family after all." - Houseparents Jeff Bray and Shelley Gardner-Bray

What we like to do

We're always busy! Street hockey, shooting hoops, playing chess with Mr. Wong, Hockey Night in Canada (watching the games as a house), playing soccer, tournaments in the gaming room, eating noodles after prep together, dinners at local restaurants, annual South BBQ, and finally, a gift exchange before the holiday season.

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Jeff Bray

    Jeff Bray 

    Director of Athletics / Houseparent - Grier South
    819-566-0238 x218
  • Photo of Shelley Gardner-Bray

    Shelley Gardner-Bray 

    Grier South Co-Houseparent/Resource Teacher/International Coordinator
    819-566-0238 x213

Grier past and present

Grier House is named after C. G. M. Grier who was BCS Headmaster from 1931-50. He was the Colonel and Commanding Officer of the Royal Canadian Army in 1943. That same year, he was the inspecting officer at the Annual Review. He was responsible for bringing back the Cadet Blues – the formal dress at the cadet inspection. Grier House was divided into North and South Grier in 1976.
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