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Mitchell Family House


Mitchell Family House sign

We are Mitchell Family House!

Appropriately named in honour of the Mitchell family and the enormous impact they have had over five generations of active, generous, and leadership involvement at BCS and KHC, Mitchell Family House is setting a new standard for residential life. The residence fosters community, values, and character while creating a sense of warmth, connection, and belonging in the model of family life at home. The two residential floors arranged along hallways of four or five bedrooms create family-style micro communities to cultivate a sense of belonging, comfort, and safety.

Mitchell Family House Group Photo

What's in a name

The first new student residence in over 50 years, Mitchell Family House construction began in September 2018. The house is appropriately named in honour of the Mitchell family, many of whom attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony in June 2019.

The Mitchell family has had an enormous impact over five generations of active, generous, and leadership involvement at BCS and KHC, including a 12-year BCS chairmanship from the Honourable Justice Mitchell, BCS’26; transformative development success by the late Bradley Mitchell, BCS’53; passionate, effective philanthropy by Jane Mitchell Molson, KHC’58, and Eric Molson, BCS’54; and, most recently, the two pivotal headships (2012-2015 and 2019-2020) of William Mitchell, BCS’63. Just as the family has been a respected model of Townships family values for generations, so is the residence bearing their name.

Mitchell Family House officially opened its doors in September 2019, welcoming students for the 2019-2020 school year.

Mitchell Family House backyard
Mitchell Family House Tie

Mitchell Family House Tie


Mitchell Family Houseparents through the years

Andrew Hopkins 2019-2022 • Martin Madsen 2022-Present

Designed for the future

Beyond its residential community, Mitchell Family House serves as an academic and social destination for all BCS students to enjoy. From the garden level terrace and agora-style teaching and learning space to the conference-ready lecture room in the basement, the building is ready for future generations of BCS students.

From an environmentally-friendly and sustainability perspective, the orientation and geometry of the building were developed in consideration of flood plains. The precast overhangs on both the front and back facades provide shading and modulate the sunlight coming into the building. The use of triple-glazed windows provides a connection with the outdoors, ample natural light, and a high-efficiency environment. Saving on space and creating a high-performance tight seal, the insulation for the building was installed as an outside membrane.