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Ross House


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Who's the best? ROSS!

All of our Day Students are part of Ross House. Ross House is separated into two groups: Ross Boys and Ross Girls, and each group has their own houseparent who supports them and is a key contact for our Day families.

Day Students participate in a myriad of school hosted events such as dances, weekend activities, Carnival, and Inter-House Cross-Country, and Track and Field. Ross House often gets together to host back to school BBQs, carnival suppers and holiday pizza parties.

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What's in a name

Ross House was named to honour one of the most influential individuals in BCS history, Commander John Kenneth Leveson Ross.

Ross was a BCS student from 1886-1891 and a prefect in his final year. A long time benefactor of BCS, Ross returned in a different leadership role in 1914, as Chairman of the Board. During his eight year chairmanship, he was instrumental in separating BCS from Bishop’s University, paying off the school’s deficit and securing ownership on four hundred acres of farmlands and dwellings on the right bank of the St. Francis River—where BCS is situated to this day.

Under his supervision and leadership, School House, the dining hall (now known as ‘Ross Hall’ in honour of his contributions to BCS), and Prep House (now known as Glass House) were all built on the new Moulton Hill campus. These new buildings were officially opened on June 27, 1918 by the Governor General of Canada and the Duke of Devonshire.

Ross House Tie

Ross House Tie



Day Student FAQ

Meet the Ross House Team

Ross House students are day students but they are as involved in the life of the school as our boarders. They play an integral part in BCS life. They have not only an abundance of love and spirit for their school, but also for the greater community which they call home.
Houseparent Scott Kelso

Ross Houseparents through the years

William Badger 1975-1982 • M. Sakamoto 1982-1986 • Major David Turner 1983-1986 (II) • G. Thompson 1986-1987 (II) • M. Sakamoto  1987-1992 (G) • Mr & Mrs. Goodwin 1987-1997 (B) • P. Goodwin 1992-1998 (G) • David Dutton 1997-2004 (B) • Anne Holland 1998-2017 (G) Jeff & Shelley Bray 2004-2005 (B) • David Dutton 2005-2007 (B) • Marty Madsen 2007-2016 (B) • Scott Kelso 2016-2018 (B) • Chelsea Laberee 2017-2020 (G) • Kirby Nadeau 2017-2018 (B) • Caroline Tourangeau 2020-2021 (G) • 
Scott Kelso 2018-Present (B)  Susan Magwood 2021-Present (G)