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Smith House

We are Smith House—mighty, mighty Smith House!

Food is a catalyst that quickly bonds our housemates together. Many of us cook for each other, share recipes and we never miss a chance to come together for one of our famous BBQ. The kitchen area is the most popular place in Smith. It is where the kids learn to cook, share their masterpieces, and break bread together. The boys at Smith become family quickly and this bond lasts well after graduation.

We enjoy watching sports, play chess, video games, talking about everything, sitting around the fire with our Houseparent and beating him at cards. We are encouraged to help each other in school subjects and all aspects of BCS life.


Smith House Group Photo

What's in a name

Smith House, named after Mr. S. Percy Smith, was built in 1948, making it one of the oldest buildings on campus. Smith joined the BCS community in 1910, leaving the school to join the war effort in 1916. He returned to BCS as a Housemaster for one year before becoming Headmaster in 1920. For 11 years, Smith steered the school as its Head and took the school from the Bishop’s University campus to the current location. Smith House is one of the first buildings one sees after crossing the St. Francis River, and its lawn is always abuzz with activities like BBQs and basketball games.

From Old Boy to teacher to Headmaster, Mr. Smith always put education first during his tenure. So much so that even when he became Headmaster, he didn’t let go of any of his teaching responsibilities. Ever present, Mr. Smith never missed a first team game as he considered physical activities, like hockey, a priority. In 1926, he built Memorial Arena to honour the Old Boys who fell in the First World War. The rink is now part of his legacy at BCS. In June 1929, he received D.C.L. (Honoris Causa) from Bishop’s University in appreciation of his service to education.

A Look Inside Smith House

Smith House Tie

Smith House Tie



Positive spirit and culture are of the utmost importance at Smith House. We work collaboratively to ensure all students’ voices are heard. We encourage independence whilst providing a space to learn from mistakes; accountability is a key component to everything we do here. We cherish global perspectives and celebrate differences. Smith House is a space where students are encouraged to learn and grow as global citizens. Houseparent Jen Boyd

Smith Houseparents through the years

R. L. Evans 1948-1961 • R. R. Owen 1961-1983 • Mr. & Mrs. Evans 1983-1992 • Mr. & Mrs. Mortimer 1992-1996 • Mr. & Mrs. Mooney 1996-1999 • Mr. & Mrs. Reid 1999-2000 • Mr. & Mrs. Reid 2000-2002 • Scott Kelso 2002-2008 • Darren Matthews 2009-2016 • Jay Wilt 2016-2020 • Gilles Nichols 2020-2023 • Jennifer Boyd 2023-Present