Each year, BCS is proud of the teamwork and dedication that is displayed by all of its students as they march in unison to the beat of the band.

Bishop’s College School No. 2 Cadet Corps

The school is fortunate to have a long-standing tradition of cadets. Since 1861, this program offers all students the opportunity to learn valuable lessons about leadership, teamwork and self-discipline. Every student is required to participate in cadets, which is an important component of the school’s overall leadership program. BCS students begin the year by attending Cadet Camp, which is held in Val-Cartier, Quebec at the Canadian Forces Base (CFB). Here, they spend one night and the purpose of this activity is to provide the students with an introduction to outdoor activities and skills, as well as some of the cadet activities that cannot be conducted indoors. The activities include Cadet drills, shooting, a high ropes course, camp crafts (survival skills) and a variety of other competitive games involving the BCS Clan System. The time and effort students contribute to the Cadet program also helps them as they work towards the skill component of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Upon returning from Cadet Camp, the NCOs (Non Commissioned Officers), Officers and Recruits meet almost every other Thursday from September to May to work on different cadet techniques such as marching drills and team building activities. Another important aspect of the cadet program at BCS has all students receiving training and qualification from St. John Ambulance in Emergency First Aid. This is a useful skill that they will be able to take wherever they go.
In early March, the BCS No. 2 Cadet Corps takes a day trip to CFB Farnham, Quebec. At the base, students are challenged to push their own personal limits by walking across rope bridges, scaling down rappelling towers, running through obstacle courses, doing some Zip Lining and solving skill-testing challenges that require considerable teamwork and effort.

All the hard work and determination throughout the year comes to fruition in the spring with the Annual Inspection. The parade of cadets is inspected by an individual affiliated with The Black Watch, Royal Highland Regiment of Canada. In 1989, BCS had the honour of having its Corps inspected by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.